Trading CardsEdit

There is a total of 65 trading cards to collect throughout Greenvale both out in the wild and as quest rewards.

  1. Francis York Morgan (Trading Card)
  2. Young Francis
  3. Anna Graham (Trading Card)
  4. Becky Ames (Trading Card)
  5. Diane Ames (Trading Card)
  6. Carol MacLaine (Trading Card)
  7. George Woodman (Trading Card)
  8. Emily Wyatt (Trading Card)
  9. Thomas MacLaine (Trading Card)
  10. Ushah Johnson (Trading Card)
  11. Forrest Kaysen (Trading Card)
  12. Isaach Ingram (Trading Card)
  13. Isaiah Ingram (Trading Card)
  14. Angel Isaach
  15. Angel Isaiah
  16. Jim Green (Trading Card)
  17. Keith Ingram (Trading Card)
  18. Lilly Ingram (Trading Card)
  19. Harry Stewart (Trading Card)
  20. Michael Tillotson (Trading Card)
  21. Nick Cormack (Trading Card)
  22. Olivia Cormack (Trading Card)
  23. Sallie Graham (Trading Card)
  24. Quint Dunn (Trading Card)
  25. Richard Dunn (Trading Card)
  26. Polly Oxford (Trading Card)
  27. Brian Xander Morgan (Trading Card)
  28. Valentine Morgan (Trading Card)
  29. Fiona "Freckles" (Trading Card)
  30. Gina the Rose (Trading Card)
  31. Jack the Raging Bull (Trading card)
  32. Wesley (Trading Card)
  33. General Lysander (Trading Card)
  34. Sigourney (Trading Card)
  35. Brian the Insomniac (Trading Card)
  36. Willie (Trading Card)
  37. Raincoat Killer (Trading Card)
  38. Shadow (Trading Card)
  39. Armed Shadow
  40. Crawling Shadow
  41. Mad Wild Dog
  42. Mad Wild Bird
  43. Coffee
  44. Turkey Sandwich
  45. Cigarette
  46. Red Tree
  47. Reversed Peace Sign
  48. Red Seeds
  49. Arnold and Sylvester
  50. Liquified Food
  51. Sigourney's Pot
  52. Industrial Waste
  53. Gina's Sponge
  54. Anna's Dress
  55. York's Car
  56. Record Player
  57. Thomas' Biscuit
  58. Grecotch
  59. Ushah's Potato Chips
  60. Polly's Pepper
  61. Quint's Bike Tank
  62. Stuffed Deer
  63. Kaysen's Seeding
  64. A&G Diner Menu
  65. SWERY

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