First day of investigationEdit

Agent York finds himself in the strange red room once again. After finding a few things of interest, he heads out the same door as before. This time, however, he finds himself deeper in the red woods. A young boy appears, along with a shadow, and the boy tells him to hold his breath in order to pass by safely. The youngster guides York past the shadow and disappears behind the next door.

York then wakes up in a large bed. While lighting a cigarette, he goes over the symbolism of his dream with Zach. They are unable to come up with any explanations. York decides that they must get some coffee and breakfast first, so he heads to the dining room. There he meets Polly Oxford, the elderly and hard-of-hearing but sweet owner of the hotel. She tells York a bit about Greenvale over breakfast as well as some of the hotel’s famous history. After the meal, Polly returns to the front desk while York starts his first day of investigation.