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Lilly Ingram
Lilly at the town meeting.
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Store Clerk
Amy Rubinate

Lilly Ingram is Keith's wife and co owner at the Milk Barn convenience store. She is also the mother of the twins, Isaach and Isaiah, as well as the daughter of Jim Green. Roughly ten years older than Keith, she is the more responsible of the two and is busy either stocking shelves or reading to her children. She is very motherly and refers to York as "hon". She tries to remain upbeat, despite her worries about her children finding the body of Anna Graham

Lilly has several side quests where she will ask York to reorganize and clean the Milk Barn's store room. Lilly gives York two different discount cards to be used at the store, and her third reward will give access her husband's most prized possession, the legendary guitar Grecotch.

She will chastise York if he tries to talk to her too many times at the store or at home.

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