Here is the complete list of all the Xbox 360 achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies that can be unlocked in Deadly Premonition.


Name Image Requirement. Points
Prologue cleared! S1 Prologue completed. 50
Episode 1 cleared! S2 Completed episode 1. 50
Episode 2 (part 1) cleared! S3 Completed episode 2 (part 1). 50
Episode 2 (part 2) cleared! S4 Completed episode 2 (part 2). 50
Episode 3 cleared! S5 Completed episode 3. 50
Episode 4 cleared! S6 Completed episode 4. 50
Episode 5 cleared! S7 Completed episode 5. 50
Episode 6 cleared! S8 Completed episode 6. 50
Game completed on Easy! S9 Completed all episodes on easy difficulty. 100
Game completed on Normal! S10 Completed all episodes on normal difficulty. 150
Game completed on Hard! S11 Completed all episodes on hard difficulty. 200
Collected all trading cards! S12 Recovered all the trading cards. 150


Name Image Requirement. Trophy
Prologue CLEARED B9D Prologue completed. Bronze
Episode 1 CLEARED B9D Completed episode 1. Bronze
Episode 2 (part 1) CLEARED B9D Completed episode 2 (part 1). Bronze
Episode 2 (part 2) CLEARED B9D Completed episode 2 (part 2). Bronze
Episode 3 CLEARED B9D Completed episode 3. Bronze
Episode 4 CLEARED B9D Completed episode 4. Bronze
Episode 5 CLEARED B9D Completed episode 5. Bronze
Episode 6 CLEARED 80B Completed episode 6. Silver
Episode 7 CLEARED AE6 Completed episode 7. Gold
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Platinum Trophy 406 Platinum
Delivery Man Q B9D Completed Side-Quest #1. 200
Guardian of the Art Gallery B9D Completed Side-Quest #2. 150

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