• Pseudobread

    Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro is nothing if not unique. Responsible for two of the most bizarre, and cultishly beloved, games in recent memory (Deadly Premonition and D4), SWERY shared 65 inspirational tips for people working on games and offered some insight into his process. Check em out below!

    1. Voice your actions

    - Look at actions subjectively

    2. Take detailed notes on other people

    - Write explicitly - As conditions change so do senses

    3. Act cool and drink tequila

    - Play the part you'll never know unless you really try to be it

    4. Make others drink coffee

    - Watch how other people act - there are a lot of ways to drink

    5. Turn things into symbols

    - We tried this first with Kinect (too tiring) - Symbolization is important

    6. Leave some time to enjoy t…

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